Video: Making ConnectWise Automate Interior Checking

Video: Making ConnectWise Automate Interior Checking

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Hello there. This is Wes Gill from StorageCraft. In this tutorial I’ll clearly show you how to develop the StorageCraft option for ConnectWise Automate to develop some simple but really successful internal screens to guarantee your ShadowProtect SPX backups are up-to-day and you can meet you SLAs.

For those people not common, StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX is a complete-picture backup and recovery item for bodily and virtual equipment. For example, this is a server functioning SPX and backing up the two volumes on the server. The Automate plug-in option enables you to easily install, license, and see backup position and heritage of all equipment functioning SPX from within command heart.

You can see the last success and future scheduled backup on the overview tile. Clicking on the tile will start the primary StorageCraft plug-in check out where you can do numerous operations and also see detailed backup heritage. This is really valuable for seeing detailed position on desire, but I’ll clearly show you now how to leverage the identical underlying data that drives this plug-in to develop internal screens to guarantee backups are up-to-day and inside recovery issue objectives expected by your company level agreements.

I’ll start out by generating an further data subject that will determine the suitable backup agent several hours on a for every pc basis. Navigate to system, configuration, and then dashboard. Then click config, configurations, added fields, pcs. Fill out the fields as revealed in this article. Field identify is SPX backup age SLA several hours. Field style is fall-down. Tab is backup. And fill is a little bit complex but not too terrible it’s a tilde divided listing of values that will look in the fall-down. For example, I have values of no backups expected, 240, 168, and so on.

Upcoming, is a pipe character adopted by a description in this circumstance optimum age in several hours of last productive ShadowProtect SPX backup. Last of all a person a lot more pipe character and then the amount two to reveal a fall-down listing. Last but not least, press help save or include.

Upcoming, we’ll established a default value for the further data subject that will be assigned to all pcs. This is also completed on the dashboard check out, just click on config, added subject defaults, pcs, and then backup. You may well need to have to click refresh for it to clearly show up. Discover the SPX backup age SLA several hours subject and established the default value. Default value really should be your catch-all value for backups being out-of-day.

In this example, I’ll established it to 168 several hours, which is a person week, so if I really don’t established the SLA a lot more especially I’ll get an alert if the backup is out-of-day a lot more than a week. Upcoming, we’ll develop a search to discover all pcs with certain SLA value and then make a team for that search. Go to automation, searches, check out searches, and then backup software package and click on in addition advert. I’ve already designed a handful of so let us have a glance at them.

This a person is called SPX backup age SLA 168 several hours which is a definition of all pcs with the SLA H-value of 168 several hours. It’s also confined to pcs functioning ShadowProtect SPX. I’ve designed a handful of equivalent searches as effectively with distinctive values of 24 several hours and 4 several hours for equipment with tighter SLA requirements. Upcoming, we need to have to make some teams. Push the in addition new in the higher remaining and then team. Click on backup administration and then future.

I’ve already designed the team, so we just have a glance at them. Here’s a team called SPX backup age SLA 168 several hours. The automobile join search is established to the corresponding search the restrict to search is checked and former listing will clearly show which pcs are located. When you established this up, click the automobile join now to have pcs get into the team correct away.

Upcoming, we will develop the internal check. Navigate to automation screens, internal screens. Leave the start out fresh new selected and press future. If you are generating a equivalent check with marginally distinctive values, you can correct click and choose duplicate check. I’ve already designed the check so, let us have a glance.

I’ve named the screens BU for backup and then SPX backup age SLA and then the amount of several hours. Established the interval and future run time as ideal. Established check manner and replicate alert frequency as ideal. For the look at issue, established desk to look at to plug in underscore SC underscore SPX underscore backup underscore age underscore several hours. Field the look at backup age several hours. Look at issue better then and the result to match the check value, in this example 168. Established the identity subject to pc ID backup job identify and stop.

Upcoming, change tab to check target. Suitable click the teams box and established the matching team. Just one suggestion is that if you duplicate the check and need to have to delete a team from the listing, just double click the team in the box. Also, if you really don’t see the team you need to have, click refresh. Upcoming, change tab to alerting. Established the alert template as ideal. Upcoming, established the alert information on matter the identical as the matter on failure.

I like descriptive names, so I selected customer identify, site identify, pc identify has SPX backup aged out of SLA so that it’s crystal obvious what it is. Established the alert information on success or failure to be a thing descriptive equivalent to the values revealed in this article Shopper identify, site identify, pc identify, SPX backups are result several hours outdated, that’ll clearly show precisely how outdated the backups are when you get the information. Established ticket and report types as necessary and last but not least click include to help save the check.

Upcoming, we’ll assign the appropriate SLA values to pcs. Go to pc administration, click the automation icon. Click on further data fields and click on backup on the remaining. Established the value in the fall-down and press help save. For this server I want to restricted SLA at 4 several hours, so I’ll change the value to 4 and click help save. Now if this computer’s backups are out-of-day a lot more than 4 several hours the 4-hour SLA check will detect this and actions this sort of as generating tickets sending alerts and so forth. to discover the check setup will manifest. Looking back at our internal screens site we see the 168 several hours check has troubles.

If we drill in we see pcs 1, 7, and 8 in a failed condition. These pcs have SPX set up for accomplishing test recoveries, but they really don’t develop any backups. For these pcs it’s appropriate to established their SLA value to be no backups expected. So, went ahead and changed each equipment 1 and 7 and now we will see just device 8 remaining on the listing following a handful of minutes when the system refreshes team memberships.

Equipment 8 really should be backing up, so there must be a challenge. Let us have a glance at the StorageCraft plug-in site. So, the backup job is failing but I see the license position displays unlicensed so when I activate the SPX license on this pc, backups really should start. But until eventually I accurate this, the check will continue to be in a failed condition as a reminder of a do the job item to comprehensive.

This concludes the tutorial on simple, but really successful internal screens to guarantee your ShadowProtect SPX backups are up-to-day and you can meet your SLAs.

Again, this is Wes Gill from StorageCraft. Make sure you really don’t be reluctant to e-mail me opinions, queries, or ideas for enhancement to the StorageCraft Automate plug-in. My e-mail tackle is [email protected]. Thank you.


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