Speedy Inks Compatible Printer Ribbon Cartridge Replacement for IBM 1299095 (Black, 3-Pack)

Speedy Inks Compatible Printer Ribbon Cartridge Replacement for IBM 1299095 (Black, 3-Pack)

Compatible IBM Black Printer Ribbon, 1299095 for use in Addo-X 851 Addo-X 851C Adler 1000 Adler 1000 E Adler SE 100 C Adler SE 100 D Adler SE 1000 C Adler SE 1000 CD Adler SE 1000 CDL Adler SE 1000 E Adler SE 2000 Adler Royal SE 1000 E Adler Royal SE 2000 Adler Royal SE 2000 D Adler Royal SE 6000 Adler Royal SE 6000 D AM Jacquard Amtext 222 AM Jacquard Amtext 225 AM Jacquard Amtext 321 Arrow Signetics 2650 Astrocomp Astrocomp Astrocomp D BMC International PB-101 Brother Crown Ranier Brother EM 1 Brother EM 2 Brother HR 1 Commodore DPS 1101 Computers International Daisywriter 1000 Computers International Daisywriter 1500 Computers International Daisywriter 2000 Comrex CR-1 Comrex I Contitronix Eight-K Contitronix Four-K Corrector 6000 CPT 4200-I Daisylinks 1500 Daisylinks 2000 Daisywriter 1000 Daisywriter 1500 Daisywriter 200 Daisywriter 2000 Daisywriter 2500 Daisywriter II Data Terminals Comm DTC 2807 Data Terminals Comm DTC 380 F Data Terminals Comm DTC 380 Z EMI Future FX20 Esselte 200 CE Facit 1850 Facit 1850 C Facit 1850-14 Facit 1860 Facit 1870 Facit 1880 Facit 1885 Facit 4248 Facit 6452 Facit 6610 Hermes 808 Hermes 808C Hermes 808C SL Hermes 848 Hermes 848C Hermes 878C Hermes 879C IBM 196-6704 IBM 196-6705 IBM 3793 IBM 50 O.S. IBM 5215 IBM 5651 IBM 60 O.S. IBM 65 O.S. IBM 6705 IBM 75 O.S. IBM 82 IBM 82 Composer IBM 85 O.S. IBM 895 IBM 96 IBM Correcting Selectric II IBM Electronic 50 O.S. IBM Electronic 60 O.S. IBM Electronic 75 O.S. IBM MAG Card 2 IBM MAG Card A IBM MAG Card Executive IBM Memory 100 IBM Memory MAG Card A IBM Memory Typewriter 50 IBM Memory Typewriter 60 IBM Selectric II IBM Selectric II – Tech III IBM Selectric II Composer IBM Selectric III Old Model Imperial SE 1000 Imperial SE 5000C Imperial SE 5000CD Imperial SE 5000E Imperial SE 6000 Imperial SE 6000D Jacquard Amtext 222 Juki 6100 Kalle 7000 Kardex Remstar 101 Lexi 6100A Monroe 300 Olympia 6010 Olympia 6020 Olympia 6110 Olympia 6510 Olympia 6610 Olympia 77 C Olympia SGE 77For use in:Addo-X Adler Arrow Astrocomp BMC Brother Commodore Computers International Comrex Contitronix Corrector CPT Daisywriter Data Terminals EMI Esselte Facit Hermes IBM Jacquard Juki Kalle Kardex Remstar Lexi Monroe Olympia Printstar Redactron Remington Remstar Royal Imperial Royal Savin Silver Reed Sord Tech Info Televideo Triumph Adler Wang Xerox
Page Yield: 150,000 characters
Shelf Life: 24-36 months
Color: HY Black
The use of aftermarket replacement cartridges and supplies does not void your printer’s warranty

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