Brunton – ADC (Atmospheric Data Center) Pro

Brunton – ADC (Atmospheric Data Center) Pro

This is an exceptional Brunton product. Included in this purchase is the Brunton adc Pro, altimeter, barometer, temperature, and more. All Brunton products are made with quality materials for long lasting use. Pick up one todayTRACK EVERYTHING – From wind and water speed to windchill and air density to a ski run counter and race countdown timer the ADC Pro allows you to track even the most minute details of your every adventure.
RUGGED – Waterproof and submersible design allows you to take readings under water, on mountain tops, and in the most severe conditions.
LIGHTWEIGHT – At 2.4 ounces, just over 4 inches long and 2 inches wide, the ADC Pro fits into your pocket. What other comprehensive weather station is this small and compact?
FORECAST – Accurate readings of current temperature, humidity, barometer, and wind speed allow the Atmosphere Data Center Pro to forecast conditions in even remote locations.
MADE IN THE USA – Made in Brunton’s own facility in Riverton, Wyoming.
Measures, counts, tracks, interprets, forecasts and logs virtually every aspect of your trip. Because knowledge is power.
Waterproof / submersible
Current wind speed
Current barometric pressure
Prediction for 12 hour’s weather

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