Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

The Windows 10 upgrade was offered free to customers who already had a Windows 7 or 8.1 subscriptions. After only one month from its launch, Microsoft, creator and developer of Windows 10, estimated that 75 million devices were already running on Windows 10. Microsoft further estimated that one billion devices will upgrade and run on Windows 10 by 2018, just three years after its launch. As of the publication of this e-book in July 2016, Microsoft asserts that it already has 300 million customers using Windows 10.

In case you haven’t caught on, Microsoft designed Windows 10 to run on all kinds of digital devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, phablet and smartphone. It aims to seamlessly work on devices that before Windows 10, could only run on Mac, on Android and IOS. Windows 10 – it’s everywhere. It’s been aggressively launched and marketed. For better or for worse, Windows 10 is here to stay and it’s wise to get thoroughly acquainted with its best features – you may yet fall in love with it.

This book aims to provide appropriate information on how to use the most commonly utilized features of Windows 10. The steps are presented in a simple and easy to follow guide, so that even beginners can learn quickly from it.
Also, the book will present, in concise and understandable language, the functions of the applications, so that users can optimize their use.

Learn Windows 10 Fast and Learn It Well.

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