Storybase Software for Writers

Storybase Software for Writers

Used by thousands of screenwriters, novelists, playwrights, game developers and copywriters worldwide, Storybase 2.0 utilizes the power of suggestion to stimulate the creative process. Storybase 2.0 is powered by an engine of 2363 essential Conflict Situations covering virtually every dimension of the human condition. As you explore Storybase, you will project your own ideas onto the Situations — you will gain access to a wider field of creativity! Storybase is the world’s only dictionary of narrative situations, each indexed according to the character’s Mindset and the Thrust, or action, of the story. The Situations do not contain culture-specific conventions or gender stereotypes — they are archetypal elements of human actuality. The Situations do not write your story for you. They are suggestions that will help you discover your characters and your story.Storybase 2.0 is a clipboard of 2363 narrative writing prompts that spark your creativity and open up new possibilities for your story
Quickly create customized Character Sets that contain the names of your characters
Achieve focused brainstorming by choosing up to three Mindsets and/or Actions that match the genre, style or tone of your story
Easily develop story outlines by copying and pasting story elements into your favorite word processor
With built-in Help and Tutorial, Storybase 2.0 is fun and easy to use!

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