CableRack 15ft Rollover Console Cable DB9 Female to RJ45 Male for Cisco 72-3383-02

CableRack 15ft Rollover Console Cable DB9 Female to RJ45 Male for Cisco 72-3383-02


This rollover console cable will allow you to connect your PC to a Cisco device through the console port. This cable is identical to the one that ships with Cisco switches, firewalls, routers, wireless devices and more. It works with Cisco gear both new and old. You may access the Cisco console port by using a terminal emulation application like Putty and select the COM port on your computer.


In order to configure new network equipment including Cisco routers, switches or firewalls, you’ll need to first perform the initial setup using the Cisco console port.  Using the CableRack DB9 to RJ45 console cable allows you to access this port. This cable is a direct replacement for the original Cisco serial cable that would be included in most new purchases.  The rollover cable is common whenever engineers need to access the RJ45 port for consoles on major brands of gear. Not every replacement Cisco console cable is created equal. The Cable Rack brand features copper wiring from the DB9 cable end to the RJ45 ends.


This cable is known to work well with Cisco and many other brands of network gear that may be programmed using the console port.  Keep an extra cable handy in case of damage or loss. An experienced technician show never be without this necessary tool. Keep this product as part of your cable management kit and use as a replacement for CAB-CONSOLE-RJ45, airconsole, air-concab1200 and airconcab.

Only CableRack brand console cables feature copper wiring for making reliable console connections each and every time. We do not use cheap CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) in our cables which can cause faulty connections and erratic behavior during important maintenance and programming activities. Keep an eye out for low quality products and make sure your cable says CABLERACK right on the jacket.
Any maintenance activity including new equipment setup or password recovery will require that the engineer has access to the command prompt through the console port. The Cable Rack DB9 to RJ45 serial console cable provides this connectivity.
Access the console port directly on most brands of network equipment including Cisco, Juniper, HP, Linksys, Ubiquity and more using the CableRack brand DB9 to RJ45 console cable.
Keep a spare console cable in your toolkit to ensure you always have the proper cable to complete the job on time.
Create a jump PC for remote configuration and maintenance using one or more of these CableRack console cables in your datacenter. This can save a ton of time and worry when needing to upgrade software or perform maintenance remotely.

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