IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions

IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions

Designing and Operating IT Equipment in Today’sData Center With everything from smart phones to thermostats generating data, back-end IT systems are experiencing massive hardware demands. The applications and code behind today’s technology are moving even faster than the hardware they run on and are becoming ever more complex. Data centers must have a footprint that is flexible, scalable, and adaptable. They must be able to move as fast as new applications are developed and keep up with new ideas, new architectures, and new ways of thinking–all in real time. This book equips facility planners, operators, IT equipment (ITE) manufacturers, HVAC&R manufacturers, and end users with the knowledge they need to select the equipment and design best suited to the modern and evolving data center. It provides guidance for use in different ways by different stakeholders: For data center infrastructure designers–a critical understanding of how ITE responds to the environment in which it is place For data center owner/operators–the knowledge to select features and ITE implementations that position the data center for optimal operation For IT professionals–a more complete picture of the environmental needs of the servers and other systems for which they are responsible This book is the thirteenth in the ASHRAE Datacom Series, authored by ASHRAE Technical Committee 9.9, Mission Critical Facilities, Data Centers, Technology Spaces and Electronic Equipment. The series provides comprehensive treatment of datacom cooling and related subjects. Keywords: IT equipment, data center, efficiency, design, Citation: ASHRAE Book

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