Q2042A HP Cartridge, RDX, 500GB

Q2042A HP Cartridge, RDX, 500GB

The HP RDX Removable Disk Backup Cartridge delivers an easy to use, affordable, rugged and removable data protection cartridge for workstations and entry level servers in your micro or small business. Backups are simple and pain-free with drag and drop file access. Users will benefit from fast disk based performance with the ability to store tons of data on a single removable disk cartridge at speeds of up to 108 GB/hr. A forward and backward compatible docking station does not require a costly and disruptive upgrade to accommodate future higher capacity cartridges. The RDX Removable Disk Backup Cartridge, when used with an RDX docking station, seamlessly integrates with hands free continuous data protection software or standard ISV applications while enabling you to simply and securely store backups off site for complete data protection and peace of mind. Ownership costs are reduced with long lasting removable disk cartridges.Media Type: RDX| Media Form Factor: 2.5| Storage Removable Capacity (Native): 500 GB| Features: Unit External Dimensions (cm)-L 58.6 x W 43.5 x H 56; Backup data at fast hard drive speeds (up to 108 GB/hr); Disk cartridges designed for long usage life – over 5,000 load/unload insertions; Compatible with leading CDP/ISV backup software applications| Tape Length: 20.3 Cm

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