Fit for Developing Software: Framework for Integrated Tests by Rick Mugridge (En

Fit for Developing Software: Framework for Integrated Tests by Rick Mugridge (En

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Fit for Developing Software: Framework for Integrated Tests by Rick Mugridge (En

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“The unique thing about Fit for Developing Software is the way it addresses the interface between customers/testers/analysts and programmers. All will find something in the book about how others wish to be effectively communicated with. A Fit book for programmers wouldn’t make sense because the goal is to create a language for business-oriented team members. A Fit book just for businesspeople wouldn’t make sense because the programmers have to be involved in creating that language. The result is a book that should appeal to a wide range of people whose shared goal is improving team communications.” –Kent Beck, Three Rivers Institute “Even with the best approaches, there always seemed to be a gap between the software that was written and the software the user wanted. With Fit we can finally close the loop. This is an important piece in the agile development puzzle.” –Dave Thomas, coauthor of The Pragmatic Programmer “Ward and Rick do a great job in eschewing the typical, overly complicated technology trap by presenting a simple, user-oriented, and very usable technology that holds fast to the agile principles needed for success in this new millennium.” –Andy Hunt, coauthor of The Pragmatic Programmer “Florida Tech requires software engineering students to take a course in programmer testing, which I teach. Mugridge and Cunningham have written a useful and instructive book, which will become one of our course texts.” –Cem Kaner, Professor of Software Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology “Rick and Ward continue to amaze me. Testing business rules is a fundamentally hard thing that has confounded many, and yet these two have devised a mechanism that cuts to the essence of the problem. In this work they offer a simple, thorough, approachable, and automatable means of specifying and testing such rules.” –Grady Booch, IBM Fellow “By providing a simple, effective method for creating and automating tabular examples of requirements, Fit has dramatically improved how domain experts, analysts, testers, and programmers collaborate to produce quality software.” –Joshua Kerievsky, founder, Industrial Logic, Inc., and author of Refactoring to Patterns “Agile software development relies on collaborating teams, teams of customers, analysts, designers, developers, testers, and technical writers. But, how do they work together? Fit is one answer, an answer that has been thoroughly thought through, implemented, and tested in a number of situations. Primavera has significantly stabilized its product lineusing Fit, and I’m so impressed by the results that I’m suggesting it to everyone I know. Rick and Ward, in their everlasting low-key approach, have again put the keystone in the arch of software development. Congratulations and thanks from the software development community.” –Ken Schwaber, Scrum Alliance, Agile Alliance, and codeveloper of Scrum “Fit is the most important new technique for understanding and communicating requirements. It’s a revolutionary approach to bringing experts and programmers together. This book describes Fit comprehensively and authoritatively. If you want to produce great software, you need to read this book.” –James Shore, Principal, Titanium I.T. LLC “There are both noisy and quiet aspects of the agile movement and it is often the quieter ones that have great strategic importance. This book by Ward and Rick describes one of these absolutely vital, but often quieter, practices–testing business requirements. A renewed focus on testing, from test-driven development for developers to story testing for customers, is one of the agile community’s great contributions to our industry, and this book will become one of the cornerstones of that contribution. Stories are done-done (ready for release) when they have been tested by both developers (don An example-based book that introduces an effective open source framework for building better software by incorporating automated testing. Provides information on using the Fit open source testing framework.

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Author Rick Mugridge, Ward Cunningham
Number Of Pages 384 pages
Series Robert C. Martin
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2005-06-29
Language English
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
Publication Year 2005

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Copyright Date 2005
Illustrated Yes

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Dewey Decimal 005.30287
Dewey Edition 22

Table Of Content
Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. 1. Introduction. The Need for Fit The Value of Fit Tables Fit and Business Roles Organization of the Book The Book’s Use of Color I. INTRODUCING FIT TABLES. 2. Communicating with Tables. Fit Tables Tables for Communicating Tables for Testing Tables, Fixtures, and a System Under Test Reading Fit Tables 3. Testing Calculations with ColumnFixture Tables. Calculating Discount Reports: Traffic Lights Calculating Credit Selecting a Phone Number Summary Exercises 4. Testing Business Processes with ActionFixture Tables. Buying Items Actions on a Chat Server Summary Exercises 5. Testing Lists with RowFixture Tables. Testing Lists Whose Order Is Unimportant Testing Lists Whose Order Is Important Summary Exercises 6. Testing with Sequences of Tables. Chat Room Changes Discount Group Changes Summary Exercises 7. Creating Tables and Running Fit. Using Spreadsheets for Tests Organizing Tests in Test Suites Using HTML for Tests Summary Exercises 8. Using FitNesse. Introduction Getting Started Organizing Tests with Subwikis Test Suites Ranges of Values Other Features Summary Exercises 9. Expecting Errors. Expected Errors with Calculations Expected Errors with Actions Summary 10. FitLibrary Tables. Flow-Style Actions with DoFixture Expected Errors with DoFixture Actions on Domain Objects with DoFixture Setup CalculateFixture Tables Ordered List Tables Testing Parts of a List Summary Exercises 11. A Variety of Tables. Business Forms Testing Associations Two-Dimensional Images Summary Exercises II. DEVELOPING TABLES FOR RENTAPARTYSOFTWARE. 12. Introducing Fit at RentAPartySoftware. RentAPartySoftware Development Issues An Initial Plan The Cast The Rest of This Part Summary Exercises 13. Getting Started: Emily and Don’s First Table. Introduction Choosing Where to Start The Business Rule Starting Simple Adding the Grace Period Adding High-Demand Items Reports Seth’

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